• G-FEEL arousing paste

      We took from nature precious herbs and ingredients and we turned them into product, which prolongs the pleasure from sex, as well its duration. G-FEEL gives opportunity for passionate and continuous sex for both genders.
      7.20 EUR

      If the sexual life of Your family friends isn't going well, recommend arousing paste G-FEEL to them – help them to be happy together. We all know that sex makes the world go around, doesn’t it?!


      The paste, which is an all-natural product, is made from 17 types of herbs that increase the desire and quality of sexual intercourse. The main ingredient is honey, which was known in the Middle Ages for its ability to stimulate greater sexual activity. In ancient times, during wedding rituals, young lovers ate honey to increase their passion for each other during the first days of their marriage. It is no coincidence that the time immediately after the wedding and to this day is called the "honeymoon".


      • Gives the opportunity to achieve a strong erection
      • Prolongs sexual intercourse
      • Increases the amount of sexual contact


      • Increases sexual libido
      • Increases the desire for sex at any time of the day
      • Increases the sensitivity of the vagina


      One pack of 25 g is enough for 1 person. You will feel the action at most after 45 minutes, the duration is up to 36 hours. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. For people who have not used it, start with half the amount of the tube and if they do not feel the effect of the paste within 45 minutes, take the remaining amount!

      The product is a food supplement and cannot replace a varied diet!

      Eat the contents of the tube / 25 g /.
      Before use, make sure that the packaging is not damaged and the hologram sticker is not torn.

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