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      Many people suffer from premature ejaculation and this often leads to confidence suppression and not seldomly to appearance of complex and barrier for formation of stable relationship. The premature ejaculation is quite usual for the older men, but it is an extremely big problem for the younger ones, who feel in the midst of their sexual life, but at the same time they are suppressed and have no courage to ask for sexual contact, because they are scared that they not ensure an orgasm for the woman, which suppresses their male confidence.

      All these side effects and psychological traumas for the man, due to premature ejaculation unlock necessity of visiting of psychotherapists and sometimes restrict the man from his right of real love, inciting him to paid love, even it is illegal.

      It is not necessary such problematic conditions to be unlocked because of the premature ejaculation, when may be used different kinds of means and additions for the holding back of the premature ejaculation, but often they are dangerous and contain chemicals, which may cause unwanted reactions, which could not be seen with the use of natural products, such as the products, offered by “Fructus” Ltd.

      The sexual experience is very important for a happy life, but nothing is more important than health. That is why we aren’t supporting the struggle with the premature ejaculation, when it is ate the expense of health. Be a sex athletes but be health – this is our message!

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